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1. Online Safety Training

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Roofers need the following courses which are all available in our FREE training library: Aerial Lift / Forklift / Safe Lifting / Bloodborne Pathogens / Heat &Cold Stress / Fall Protection / Fire Prevention / HAZCOM 2012 / Stairways & Ladders / Personal Protective Equipment / Safety Policy Review / Scaffold / Tools - Hand & Power / Electrical Safety

2. Safety Policy Manuals

There are over 25 safety policies available for you. All come in an editable format so that you can include your logo and any customizations you need. Examples include: Confined Space, Lockout Tagout, Scaffold Usage, and an OHSA Inspection Checklist among many, many others. 

3. Safety Data Sheets

Many useful Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available for download for free.

4. Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Use any of our JSAs to help ensure that your team is working safely. 

5. Toolbox Safety Meetings - English - Spanish - Vietnamese

With more than 100 Toolbox talks to choose from, our library will provide you with weekly safety meetings for years to come!

6. Other Useful Forms and Documents

Need a Scaffold inspection checklist? How about a Confined Space Entry Permit? Maybe a Fire Extinguisher Assessment? Check out the 50+ additional resources that are available to you as a member of the Home Builders Association. 

You can also check out these useful videos:

These are additional resources that we have found for you:

Angle Grinders - Graphic Content!
Asbestos Hazards in Renovations, Restorations, and Demolition
AWPT.org - Boom-Lift Pre-Start Inspection
AWPT.org - Only dummies don't wear harnesses when on a boom
AWPT.org - Scissor-Lift Pre-Start Inspection
AWPT.org - Spot the Mistake
AWPT.org - Spread the Load! (IPAF.org)
AWPT.org - Training saves Lives (IPAF.org)
Circular Saw Guarding - Graphic Content!
Circular Saw Kickback - Graphic Content!
Concrete pump hose whips, killing worker
Deaf to the Danger: Packing Plant Scenario (HD)
Deaf to the Danger: Warehouse Scenario
Does the house you're working on contain asbestos?
Drywall Handling
Excavations (1 of 6): Introduction
Excavations (2 of 6): Soil Instability
Excavations (3 of 6): Pre-excavation Requirements
Excavations (4 of 6): Sloping and Shoring - Part 1
Excavations (5 of 6): Sloping and Shoring - Part 2
Excavations (6 of 6): Situations
Fall Protection: Why Would You Work Without It?
Flagger Safety: Jennifer's Story
General Guidelines for Landscape Equipment Safety
Health and Safety in Small Business (Landscaping: Supervision Basics)
Isocyanate Exposure in Homes
Know Safety (1st Place)
Lifting in the workplace
Long Span Trusses
Mold Exposure
Nail Gun Safety - Graphic Content!
Preventing Slips and Trips in Woodworking
Safe Handling of Nail Guns - Graphic Content!
Silica Exposure
Standing on the Edge - Graphic Content!
Too Cool for Safety (3rd Place)
Understanding Hazards and Risks
Worker falls after gutter hits power line
Young Worker Safety Video (2nd Place)
You're a Pro: Falls From Ladders
You're a Pro: Falls From Top Plate
You're a Pro: Falls Through Openings