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We have MONTHLY commissions. You will get 15% of the revenue from the SafetyPlusWeb subscriptions you refer.

We will do nearly all of the work. You will get 15% of the monthly revenue of the subscribtions you refer. That means you will get paid each and every month that the client uses SafetyPlusWeb, which in most cases means many years. What does this mean for you? Let’s do some quick math. . .

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antonio rillera

SafetyPlusWeb's referral partner program offers an exellent way for me to make extra money. Having worked in industries that have safety needs for years, I was able to tell people I already knew about this exciting new safety management system. SafetyPlusWeb's team did most of the selling and all of the implementation and support, but I'm now making an extra $6000 in SafetyPlusWeb commissions annually. 

Don Druse

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